The Revolution in Ayurveda

Kerala Ayurveda – To live healthily is to live in perfect harmony with Mother Nature and our own self. We need to integrate our body, mind and soul and we at Shadanga – Kerala’s Ayurveda help you achieve that. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of living and healing is one of a kind that addresses the problems related to physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of a person. We use a therapeutic approach and treat ayurveda as a system that helps us live a disease-free life.

Why Ayurveda
Benefits of Shadanga

Shadanga is true essence of KERALA’S AYURVEDA, which provides Authentic Kerala Ayurveda cure for common debilitating health conditions through natural solutions of Clinical Ayurveda. Shadanga emphasizes on PANCHKARMA Protocols of Ayurveda which provides complete cure by eliminating root cause of the disease by employing scientific protocols of KERALA PANCHKARMA.

Kerala Ayurveda Treatment - Inner Peace

Inner Peace

Cleanse the system and the mind and enabling you to attain inner peace.

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Kerala Ayurveda Treatment - Heal The Body

Heal the body

Attain the power to heal yourself at cellular level.

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Kerala Ayurveda Treatment -Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction

Stress reduction and helping you achieve a sense of well-being.

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Why Ayurveda
Benefits and much more

We are caught up in a busy lifestyle, filled with stress, and ill health, which often cause a break-down in our emotional and physical health. We use an inclusive approach that helps you live healthily and aids in healing. Ayurveda gives us an opportunity to pause, analyze our health and living habits as they are all connected to our physical and our mental health.

Visit Shadanga Kerala Ayurveda treatment center to know your body type and ensure you have a healthy body and a healthy mind!

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