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According to ancient Ayurveda classics, Human body is broadly divided in to SHADANGA which means 6 major parts. Literal meaning of Shadanga (Shad – 6 + Anga – Parts) is classification of body in to 6 major parts which are 2 upper limbs , 2 lower limbs , head & trunk and the aim of Shadanga Ayurveda is to provide solutions for ailments related to Shadanga of body by compiling the treatment protocols of Kerala’s Ayurveda which are mainly influenced by ShadUpkrama (6 types of Healing Techniques), well explained in Ayurveda. Shadanga Ayurveda has developed scientific protocols of practical implementation of ShadUpkrama as per current requirements by its years of research & clinical practice.

Shadanga – Kerala’s Ayurveda was started to take Ayurveda to every home, helping them lead a happy and healthy life. Changes in lifestyle have paved way to health ailments like diabetes, hypertension, skin problems and more, and Ayurveda provides an effective treatment to them. Shadanga is an ayurvedic treatment and rehabilitation center which combines the ancient art with modern comfort, without compromising on the quality. The place is ideal for those who are looking for rejuvenation and a complete life transformation.

Dr Archana, the renowned Ayurvedic Physician from Kerala, clinical expert in conditions like Arthritis, Rheumatism, Skin Conditions, Female conditions like PCOD, Hormonal imbalance, Obesity, Varicose vein, Sciatica, Spine problems including Lumbago & cervical issues is leading the clinical department of Shadanga Ayurveda.

Dr Linto Jacob, Panchakarma Expert of International fame is heading the Panchakarma Department of Shadanga Ayurveda and guiding the team for the adoption of innovative techniques in the clinical field of Ayurveda by integrating Ayurveda with other complimentary techniques which are non- drug & non-invasive to expedite the healing process.

We believe in maintaining a very high quality of service and treatment, which is customized based on individual needs – the result of which is a unique experience of care and undivided attention.

Why Shadanga – The Kerala’s Ayurveda?

The heart of our curative & preventive treatment is purification or Panchakarma treatments which were once used by the Royal families of Kerala for long & healthy life. The restoration therapies not only restore the balance between the body and the mind, but they help awaken the natural healing ability of the body. Panchakarma is powerful and can reduce stress, and to nurture and detoxify the body.

We believe in thorough diagnosis, and every visit begins with a consultation with our inhouse Ayurveda Doctor. Our experts follow the “Pulse Assessment” & “Prakriti Analysis”, which are traditional techniques used for diagnostics and is acknowledge by the WHO as well. By placing the fingers on the patient’s wrist, our experts can analyze the imbalance in his/her body, even before they are visible. We then customize a treatment based on your needs.

We at Shadanga Ayurveda integrate our knowledge of Ayurveda in every possible aspect during your therapeutic program, for effective healing. Our patients get to learn how moods, behavior, and cravings get affected by various physical and emotional factors. We also show how a simple change in diet or a daily routine can pave way towards vitality and strength. We not only help our guests to feel renewed but help them reap the benefits of Ayurveda even when they return home.

The Panchakarma and Ayurvedic treatments provided at Shadanga Ayurveda focus on the overall well-being of your body, mind, and soul. Our treatments also include advice on your diet, therapies and internal medication (if needed), modifications in lifestyle, meditation and yoga.

We at Shadanga-Kerala’s Ayurveda work with a mission to promote balanced and healthy way of living using Ayurvedic Medical Science which enhances the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of all our guests.

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